University of Helsinki

Labratory of polymer Chemistry is one of the seven labratories of the Department of Chemistry, University of Helsinki. The group consists of two professors, two lecturers, three post doctoral associates and 15 PHD students. The research concentrates on the synthesis of various amphiphilic, polyelectrolite, and thermoresponsive polymers by new controlled radical polymerization reactions (ATRP,RAFT), as well as on the studies of their solution properties and self-assembling. The instrumentation of the labratory is of good standard, including NMR spectrometers, light scattering, scanning calorimeters for solids and for liquid samples, SEC chromatographs, FESEM, AFM, and more. The labratory is a part of a consortium "Functional Materials", recently nominated as one of the centres of excellence of the academy of Finland in 2008-13.