The Goal of MUST

Advanced material protection

“MUST” is an extended multi-level protection approach combined within one system. The protective system reacts adequately to external impacts, and also responds to changes in their internal structure. Different damage prevention and reparation mechanisms are combined within the same system, which are used depending on the nature and the degree of impact from external environment. The multi-level self-healing concept is based on 4 levels of gradual active feedback to the environmental conditions:

  • Incorporation of nanotraps and nanocontainers to absorb aggressive/corrosive species
  • Use of water displacing compounds to be released from nanocontainers as soon as the first micro-defect appear in the coating polymer matrix.
  • Release of polymerizing precursors entrapped in nanocapsules in order to form a new thin polymer film covering the damaged area and repair the layer by preventing crack propagation.
  • Encapsulation of organic and inorganic corrosion inhibitors acting on demand, suppressing corrosion and delaminating processes occurring in open defects.