Steinbeis Risk Technologies and MUST

What do we do?

R-Tech, as one of the main beneficiaries of “MUST”, manages the associated risks with the project activities. Main aspects of risks dealt with are:

  • Risks in/of innovation
  • Risk of non- or poor performance
  • Risk of adverse/unexpected effects and impacts
  • Project risks, e.g. in R&D and new technologies oriented projects
  • Risks over the life-cycle of products/technologies

Risk assessment provides an understanding of risks, their causes, consequences and probabilities. Different aspects of risks are assessed by qualitative, semi-quantitative and quantitative methods in order to understand and rank different risks for further analysis and treatment decisions. Furthermore, R-Tech provides dynamic risk treatment techniques by relevant options for reducing the probability of occurrence, or mitigating the effect of risks.

R-Tech offers Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of new products and technologies. This analysis significantly assists in investigation and evaluation of the environmental impacts of product or service caused by all activities in the project “MUST”. R-Tech provides the LCA on innovative products and technologies based on standards ISO 14040 and ISO 14044. This methodology consists of four steps:
  1. Defining the goal and scope of study
  2. Making a model of the product life cycle with all the environmental inflows and outflows (life cycle inventory, LCI stage)
  3. Understanding the environmental relevance of all the inflows and outflows (life cycle impact assessment, LCIA stage)
  4. Interpretation of the results

R-Tech at a glance

Steinbeis Advanced Risk Technologies Group (R-Tech) is the cluster of units belonging to and/or linked to Steinbeis ( Over 700 Steinbeis units present in 50+ countries worldwide act today as a global player in the area of innovation management and technology transfer. The group of Steinbeis units working in the area of “Advanced Risk Technologies” deals with multiple aspects of risks, risk engineering and risk management appearing, for instance, in:

  • Petro-chemical and process plants
  • Power plants and energy supply
  • Material technologies, especially advanced material technologies
  • New & alternative technologies (CO2, H2, nano, …).

In order to provide the optimal service and results, the R-Tech group has dedicated units for specific area of “advanced risk technologies” such as technology transfer, education, R&D, industrial services (“business-oriented”), and other EU-related issues.

main competence of the center is in the area of assessment, analysis and management of business and technical risks. The center has large experience in co-ordination of European and national stakeholders, promotion of the transfer of technology, introduction of new approach to the risk management. Participation in many EU and international collaborative and purely industrial projects, in both as participant and as coordinator/project manager.

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